Sunday, 11 June 2017

namaloom jazbaat

i often find myself at a loss for words and inability to understand or comprehend myself.
i'm generally a very open person, very clear about the way i feel and why i feel the way do, but not about everything it seems.

it's frustrating because one particular part of my life keeps killing me over and over, and i have no clue how to change myself or my situation. i don't even necessarily know what my situation is.
but if you talk to someone you love, and you know you love them, why still are you agitated and annoyed by them? why is it so hard to identify what bit of your relationship it is that leaves you feeling sore and exposed and hurt?
i'm always waiting for the person i can be, to be better and better deal with all that i have to deal with. but the road to that me is tediously long and i don't know what to do until i get there.
grow, i suppose.

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