Monday, 14 July 2014

You know what I like about tumblr?
I like that it makes my life sort of what I want it to be.
Kind of like when you watch a movie and everything is the same, the weather is always cloudy, the girl is still depressed, monotonously walking around town. And she seems reconciled to it.
But like life is never like that.
Life is ups and downs and constant unrest and changing weather and feeling like your heart will fall apart and your mouth will start saying his name again.
[That was my attempt at being poetic]
And whereas I would like to reconcile myself to the real world, I cannot...
Because reality is different and inconsistent.
I'm just looking for some sort of stability. 


Youngjoo Ahn said...

Hello!! I also agree that tumblr is a lot like what you want reality to be like. You can shape it and mold it and pick and choose exactly what you want to see.

I nominated you for the sunshine award!

Yaz Amee said...


Adeena said...


Yaz Amee said...

Such a babe.

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