Saturday, 25 January 2014

Of dick-asses and nauseous car-rides

Hey, guys.
So I was out on a walk today when I realized how much of a procrastinator I am and that this post could not further be delayed. Also, I realized, that I have waaay too many bad qualities to add bad blogger to the list.
So, um, hi.

Here's the thing... I've moved to Dubai.

And here's a picture of a hot guy way older than me.

Feel free to post this on Tumblr with the caption "IM SCREAMING" or "i can't" or "how"
Now that we're over the initial shock of either me moving to Dubai or the absolutely gorgeous man in the picture, let's move on.
So, yep, I've moved to Dubai from Karachi. It's not a great big change, though. I mean, I'm still processing it and stuff, so whatever.
But I do have some things to tell you guys that I've been putting off telling you and let's just say I'M HOPING THIS POST WILL MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR ME AND HELP ME GET OVER THE PERFECTION THAT IS DICK-ASS (I will introduce you to him later in this post).
So, let's periodically talk about everything in my life that has changed. Starting... NOW.

The City
Dubai's a great city, with proper roads and everything. It's a beautiful city, good people. 

The People
There are loads of Indians here. And Arab people not from the UAE (because there are hardly any locals here at all), places like Palestine, Syria, Lebanon. Yeah, Pakistanis, Indians, Italians, Colombians. Very diverse.
There are all these people you see here who are so unimaginably attractive, and it's kind of hard not to feel bad about yourself here, haha. But for real - hot people.
Also, a lot of my family is here. My dad's cousin lives here and I'm super close to her and her family so that's great. Her parents are visiting right now, so we're meeting up everyday and stuff. It's going good.

The House
We've got a pretty cool villa in Springs in Dubai, and it's pretty cool. We're still settling in, because we've only been here for around 3 weeks but it's been good so far.

The School
The school is pretty great, actually. It's growing on me. The people are really cool, as well as the teachers. The studies aren't too intense. I've got my own locker, which you don't have in schools in Karachi, so, that's good. I'm still getting used to shuffling from class to class every 40 minutes, especially because the building is huge, and all the halls and classrooms are identical so you have no idea where you're going.

I kept trying to think of other things I could add to the list of things I could tell you guys, but then I thought, fuck it, I'm not shitting anyone. So here's the real reason I'm posting right now...
There's a boy.
He's a couple of months younger than me.
*more gasp*
He's so hot, OMG. You guys don't understand. He's got brown eyes, as deep as the fucking pacific ocean and they're so beautiful, and bright. And brown hair that sticks out all the time. His voice is cracking so it's kind of soar and manly, but totally hot. And he's hilarious. Everybody loves him. He's not scared or anything, he's just so out there, he makes everyone laugh. He's such a flirt. He flirts with everybody but me. Douche-bag. I spend the whole day groaning and screaming because of him not noticing me.
Here's the worst part - he's had like 10 girlfriends.
He's 13. 
I've never had a boyfriend, guys. Ever. In my life. 14 years.
I don't know, man.
He's ruining my life.
He's popular but he's not typical and I want to be a part of his life. And talk to him. And listen to him. And joke with him. And laugh with him. And hold his hand a little. And smile. He's a riddle I badly, badly want to solve. Because I know there's more to him than his nonchalant vibes, and flirty ways. 
But then again - 'What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.'

Ew. Adeena's grossing myself out right now.

So now that I've got that I've got my recent life mapped out on a blog that isn't even read by anybody. I'll take leave of y'all.
Pray for me.


He's ruining my life.


Anonymous said...

Oh me, oh my. So pretty much WOW. What a MASSIVE change and I'm really glad to see that you're taking it well! Good for you! :D

And now to ZE BOI. ooh la la Deensy, do keep us updated! ;) and don't forget, larkay saaray bongay hotay hain. Chaahay jitnay bhi hot hon.

Can't wait to read more! <3

Adeena said...

Hahaha, thanks. I'm pretty sure you guys will hear more about him in the future. And bonga hi hai, yehi tou masla hai. ;)

Nymisha Dhavani said...

Hii :) I've always wanted to have a locker to myself and move around for classes, but they don't do that in India here :/ Is it fun? :D

JUST (very) CURIOUS how is that really really hot person in the second picture? ;)

Adeena said...

Hey, Nymisha! I've always wanted to move around for classes, too, and everything, and now that I can, I can tell you, it's actually pretty great. The day goes by much, much faster, but it's also kind of hectic, so I don't know.
The really really hot person in the second picture is French actor Jean-Baptiste Maunier, but I got this picture from Tumblr, without any clue who he was.

Nymisha Dhavani said...

Thanks for that. *runs off to google him* :P

Awesome blog post btw :D