Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Where have you been

I've been trying to bond with my sister recently. She's been cranky and impatient, and well, I figured she could use a friend.
So, tonight, while we were in bed, waiting for slumber to take over, I asked her to tell me a story. After hearing her story, I contributed to this bonding session by saying, 'Close your eyes. Imagine you're in the place that makes you happiest. The place you like best.'
I pictured myself in New York. Devouring lonely libraries, walking across busy streets and just feeling the beauty of being alone; of seeing people, but not having to be one of them.
After a while in our happy place, my sister asked me where I imagined myself, I told her where I'd been, she told me she saw herself in her own house. That's all she said, that she saw herself in a house of her own.
I thought that was the cutest thing ever. She wants a home, she wants a family. She wants to be around people she loves and she wants to show them how much she loves them.
How different we are, don't you think? One sister finding happiness away from people, and the other, with.
But I guess, that says a lot about me... And her.
Or maybe I just gave it too much thought. I am good at that.

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