Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Taken all over me

You know what happened yesterday? I'll tell you what.

  1. I came home at 2.30
  2. Took a shower
  3. Had lunch
  4. Left home at 4.30
  5. Went for tuition
  6. Left at 6.30
  7. Went to pick my dad up
  8. Waited at his office for half an hour
  9. Came back home at 8
  10. Made pamphlets for these stalls we're putting up at school
  11. Got screamed at by my parents because I'm an ungrateful brat
  12. Left to get them printed at 9
  13. Spent 20 minutes arguing about the format I wanted the thing to be printed in
  14. Waited 30 minutes in the market, hanging around in various shops until the dude was done printing the pamphlets.
  15. Came home at 10.15
  16. Freaked out about my life being a mess and thought about how effing tired I was
I'm not sure if I'm unhappy, or just overwhelmed. Unhappy... wow. This word is starting to define my existence.

I like routine. I like having things to do. What I don't like, however, is being driven crazy and wanting to die, because I've never wanted to die. Ever. And now I've lost it enough. Just enough.

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