Tuesday, 26 March 2013

save me.

i'm scared. i don't know how i feel. i mean, i feel terrible, but i've totally zoned out on normality tonight. i feel numb. 
terrible and numb? does that make sense?
i'm just sick of all the shit going on in my life. nothing makes me want to go on, or to think it won't be that bad.
the only reason i haven't completely broken down is because i've done it too much and these damn anti-depressants need to work, which i guess they're doing their bit.
i'm done feeling the way i do. but i'm stuck. and it's scary where i am.


Aqsa said...

Trust me, it will all get better soon.

Adeena said...

Can't wait, honestly.

Talitha said...

This too shall pass.

And trust me it will.
Till then,hang in there you.:)

Adeena said...

Thanks, Talitha. Means a lot.