Sunday, 24 March 2013

Don't let go now

It's hard letting go, isn't it? 
I of all people would know that. 

But what if it's letting go of that bit of remainder that still makes you normal? What if it's letting go all the pain and hurt of all past days? 
I would never cut. I would never commit suicide.
I would runaway.

I don't see the point in holding on anymore. 
I'm not running away, though. I'm fine. I smile, joke, laugh with everybody else, but I don't feel like one of them. I hate not feeling like them because they're so closely involved and... why am I left out? 

But when I start acting like them, I hate myself for it, I feel like I'm becoming a clone when that happens. 

The point is, I'm fine. I'm not doing anything normal people don't do, I'm not not doing anything normal people do do. 
I'm just weird. I just feel incomplete.
Sorry for getting y'all depressed with this post. 



Husna Aftab said...

Larki, very well written. All I want to say is have a big heart dear. Stay blessed and keep writing! ;)

Ruya Preetika said...

Aw. Adeena I totally empathize! This is what I feel at times too... like a misfit and it's weird. Well, I like that I'm part of a rare species ;) But yes, it's a strange feeling to be a part of the group and yet being apart.

Letting go sometimes is essential, when it starts clogging your mind and affects your liberty of thought and feel. But holding onto things, some little or some huge, it matters because it's as if holding onto those things make you who you are, unique and one in a million. SO hold on too the things you cherish and that inspire and make you unique.

P.S. Wrote a bit too much, eh? :P

Adeena said...

Thank you so much, you guys!
And, Ruya, I totally agree with all that you said. I like being different, but I also don't. It's complicated. But thank you for the comment, made me really happy!

Ibrahim Nadeem said...

Honestly, it's not about acting like them. You do whatever you want to do, not based on whether it's different or not. You do what makes you happy and you be real with people a hundred percent of the time because they don't want fake you, no one does, they want real you that doesnt stomp around and talk about how awesome they are. They want emotions and they want the truth, people arent stupid, they can sense lies even when they arent being spoken.

Adeena said...