Thursday, 14 March 2013

do i really need them

One of the worst things about depression is wanting people to care when you can't make them. You can sit all day, all night, and all the days and nights that follow and wait for somebody to come along and tell you that they care, but you cannot make somebody care. That's just how life is.


Nuha Nasim said...


Ruya Preetika said...

Sadly true :|
It's when you need them the most, that you find yourself alone, suffering. Yes, I really do wish I had someone to hug me when I'm really depressed and tell me that they're here for me. But like you said, you cannot make somebody care.

Adeena said...

Exactly. As they say, during a hard time do you see who's really there for you. Not many people are, but you can't completely cut everybody off, but realizing they're not there is hard.

Hassan Butt said...

"Sighs"But in the end you will realize that unfortunately,things dont happen.You alone,have to happen to things.But it does becomes the best part of pain.

Adeena said...

You make it sound like an adventure. Which it is. Life, I mean. It's just not very pleasant is it?

Hassan Butt said...

I Agree.Its not.But if you find the right meaning out of it,you will feel like its the best thing that happened to you because it allowed you to bash your self imposed limits.

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