Friday, 30 November 2012

Poem: Savage.

The bitter taste of utter reality
Knocks me out of my senses;
The vile taste of lies 
Triggers my sanity.
And now I don't know,
Where to see, where to go,
What to hear, what to let go.

I sing myself to sleep,
Sing myself numb tears,
I sing to me,
With nothing more to hear,
He hears, He hears all.
Then why has He changed nothing for me?

So many answers,
But none do I want to believe.
I just have to go on.
Glide and slide on
The only bit of moisture I can find.
Trying to move on
Just because I have to.
Maybe I'll be left alone
On this terrible, long journey.
God knows when it'll end.

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