Friday, 30 November 2012

Poem: Savage.

The bitter taste of utter reality
Knocks me out of my senses;
The vile taste of lies 
Triggers my sanity.
And now I don't know,
Where to see, where to go,
What to hear, what to let go.

I sing myself to sleep,
Sing myself numb tears,
I sing to me,
With nothing more to hear,
He hears, He hears all.
Then why has He changed nothing for me?

So many answers,
But none do I want to believe.
I just have to go on.
Glide and slide on
The only bit of moisture I can find.
Trying to move on
Just because I have to.
Maybe I'll be left alone
On this terrible, long journey.
God knows when it'll end.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

“Turn away from your worries,
And entrust your affairs to the Decree.
Rejoice at the good which will soon be,
You will then forget what has gone by.
Perhaps an issue which upsets you,
Holds at its end what will gladden you.
Perhaps the road will constrict,
And perhaps the Decree will then expand.
Indeed Allah does what He wishes,
So never be the one who turns away (from Him).
Allah is your beautiful source of strength,
So determine things by what has elapsed…”
— Safi al-Din al-Hali